Turnstiles FHT03


Access Control Turnstiles FHT03
Full height Turnstile FHTO3
  • Turnstile made entirely of stainless steel
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Low-maintenance electromechanical locking mechanism
  • A convenient version with a servo drive is available as an option
  • Very robust and durable construction
  • Easy integration of access control devices and controls
  • Optionally available with weather protection roof and mounted lights
  • Downloads
  • FHT03B allows simultaneous access for rider and bike
  • Variable options for extending access control
    Long service life
  • No parts that wear out
  • Simple commissioning and operation
  • Easy implementation with control via volt-free contacts
    Standardized interfaces for great flexibility
  • The housing is fabricated 100% in stainless steel.
  • Low impact forces and a highly sensitive contact detection system give optimum protection for persons and their two-wheeled conveyances.
  • Space-saving double systems
  • Modular combination of equipment elements
  • Long-lasting quality for use in buildings or on outdoor premises
 Low power consumption
  • Installation in areas with aggressive environments possible
  • Distances between moving and fixed components are dimensioned to that there is no risk of injury.