AXgo Turnstile SG


Admittance control for pedestrians SG-ST900, SG-GD900, SG-GP900
Swing door FHDS
  • Customer-friendly access for a variety of locations
  • The ideal solution for wheelchairs and merchandise deliveries
  • Suitable for entry and exit control
  • Very low power consumption
  • Proven technology with servo drive
  • Rugged compact design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Also available as double gate
  • Customized versions and range of optional accessories available


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  • Appealing design featuring stainless steel and glass.
  • Ideal addition to turnstiles and pedestrian gates to allow for the conveyance of goods and offer barrier-free access.
  • The high quality servo drive ensures silently smooth operation of the swing gate with low power consumption and a long service life.
  • The sensorless positioning control makes the swing gate open and close smoothly.
  • Positioning control means that no limit switches are required to stop the travel of the gate. This eliminates the need for unnecessary wear parts.
  • The gate travel is variable and can be adjusted as required using a teach-in function in the control system.
  • Safe operation with low actuating forces
  • Automatic reversing function if the gate nudges an obstacle.
  • The complete drive system operates at the safe low voltage of 24 V, thus ensuring good electrical safety
  • Various gate versions are available, either in glass or as a tubular U form with or without a pane of acrylic glass in the middle.
  • Simple installation on finished floor
  • Suitable for outdoor area
  • Optimum addition to access control systems
  • Customized versions possible